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Light Warriors

The Light Warriors United Yoga Teacher Training is about cultivating and amplifying your unique leadership style. Even within the realm of teaching yoga, each of us was born with a unique role to play. The principal goal of this training is to free your energy so that you radiate your most authentic and pure light. The more clearly you embody your dharma, the more things like competition and struggle diminish and things like abundance and opportunity flow.

In this training you will learn the art of sequencing as it relates to physical, mental and spiritual alignment. This will be linked to biomechanics, anatomy and physiology. You will also learn the ancient eastern sciences of the subtle body, meditation and Breath work. History and philosophy will be studied as well. Additionally, you will receive innovative guidance to help you start and further your yoga teaching career.

The creation of this program came together gracefully and naturally. This training is unique and invites you into a revolutionary virtual experience. It integrates live Zoom classes, Facebook group meetings, PDFs, photos, videos and the Marysia Do Magic App in a cool and easy to use flow. All this amazing, thoughtfully curated content is included when you join the Light Warriors United.

We look forward to sharing the experience with you!

Team Light Warriors

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